COMPET Consulting

For competency-based solutions


Over the past fifteen years, we have conducted hundreds of hours of training.  We maintain a library of training materials that we have developed and use to create customized training programs which meet the needs of the our clients.  Topics in which we specialize include:

  • Building effective teams
  • Leading change
  • Supervisory, management, and leadership skills
  • MBTI and temperament
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution

Organizational Development

Enhanced organizational results do not always require spending more on staff and/or equipment.  We can help organizations achieve desired outcomes through the following means:

  • Development of vision and mission statements
  • Assisting with planned organizational change
  • Determining and measuring outcomes

Human Resources

Competency-based approaches can be used to create an integrated human resource system which allows the organization to identify core competencies and then hire, train and evaluate using those competency profiles.  We can assist by:


  • Developing competency profiles
  • Preparing competency-based job descriptions
  • Managing assessment centers
  • Crafting customized 3600 feedback instruments


The performance of individual supervisors, managers, and executives is instrumental to the success of an organization.  Our coaches are seasoned managers who can help individuals through coaching by:

  • Analyzing problems and developing effective solutions
  • Developing specific skills or competencies
  • Identifying additional resources that may be useful